Challenges of
Exudate Management
This Presentation will:
  • Explain the function of exudate in wound healing
  • List ideal dressing properties for wounds with various levels of exudeate
  • Compare acute and chronic wound exudate
  • Describe the mode of action of a conforming dressing
  • Describe the challenges of exudate management
Dorothy Doughty, MN, RN, CWOCN, FAAN, WOC Nurse, Emory University Hospital
Biatain® Silicone
a perfect

The full-range portfolio of Biatain® Silicone foam dressings is designed to give you versatility in the treatment + prevention of wounds.

advanced 5-layer construction!
Designed to promote an optimal wound care environment
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Discover the difference between conventional dressings and Biatain Silicone

Conforms uniquely to the
wound bed

Biatain Silicone with 3DFit Technology is designed to conform to the wound bed to fill the gap and reduce exudate pooling for optimal healing conditions.

Learn how 3DFit Technology delivers a perfect fit

Conforms to the wound bed

Upon contact with exudate, the unique foam with 3DFit Technology™ conforms to the wound bed and reduces exudate pooling.

Absorbs vertically

Microcapillaries go into action to absorb exudate vertically and create optimal healing conditions.

Retains exudate

Exudate is locked away and retained even under compression, reducing risk of leakage and maceration of the wound edge and periwound skin.

Only Biatain Silicone
fills the gap*

Biatain Silicone with 3DFit Technology conforms to the wound bed up to a depth of 2 cm. Other conventional foam dressings may leave a gap for exudate pooling to occur which may lead to the risk of infection, maceration and delayed healing.

* Data on file
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Designed and tested to protect against skin breakdown

Biatain Silicone Sacral and Multishape dressings may be used as part of a prophylactic protocol to prevent pressure injuries. These multi-directional dressings are designed for a gentle and secure fit, while protecting the skin from the extrinsic factors that may lead to skin and tissue breakdown.

Redistributes pressure

A thick layer of unique foam redistributes pressure by reducing peak pressure and evening out pressure across the foam pad.

Reduces friction and shear

The overall dressing design and low-friction coefficient of the top film reduce friction and shear forces to help prevent skin and tissue breakdown.

Manages microclimate

Each layer supports the dressing’s ability to reduce moisture at the skin/dressing interface to protect the skin from breakdown.

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